who we are ?

The name QUO VADIS is Latin for “Where are you Going?” Its a centre for Young people mentorship, Formation, Education, Healing and Recreation

using QUO VADIS, any person who walks into the youth hub is prompted to ask themselves what their goals in life are and what direction they are taking to achieve those goals. Through the programs, every young person who comes to the
youth hub or participates in the programs therein gets an opportunity to respond to that question, ‘Where are you going?’ in a comprehensive way. 

Quo Vadis Youth Hub is Located Direct Opposite Dedan Kimathi University, Nyeri, along Nyeri-Nyahururu highway


I.          Ut Videum (Counseling, mentorship, life coaching and job placement program)

II.        Fons Vitae (incubation centre)

III.       Fấros (theatre, amphitheatre and restaurant)

IV.       Ichthus (chapel)

V.        Digital Programs

VI.       Indoor Games

Passionate, Youth Advocate

The QUO VADIS Youth Hub is a multifaceted centre with the youth at the core of its programs. The youth hub was the brainchild of the Archbishop of Nyeri, His Grace Anthony Muheria. This is due to his great consideration of Youth ministry at the centre of his pastoral care and ministry. the archbishop recognizes the potential and importance of the youth in the church now and in the future. As such, he is deeply concerned that the youth must be brought to the Church and be well formed for them to remain rooted in faith and sound doctrine.

What people say??

The principals and accompanying teachers have provided positive feedback for the impact that the program has had to their students. They are eager to come to the youth hub again for subsequent lessons and they highly recommend the facility and the trainers
Felista Njeri

-       Principal (Gatarakwa Girls’)

The interactions that I had had with the student leaders, their teachers and the youth hub staff have multiplied my social nature and relationship with people and the environment.”
Peter Maina
Civil Engineering Student from the Dedan Kimathi University of Technology
A home for Young people spiritual growth through the daily evening Masses, a place to spend free time playing indoor games and a place to meet other young people through the daily interactions during the activities in the hub.
Mary Immaculate Kiio
Former Vice Chairperson, DEKUT CC