Where Young Dreams Come true!!

" Dream and give yourself permission to envision a you that you choose to Be."

Our dream lies in reaching in the minds and hearts of the Young people through our tailor made programs Eg Chess and other Board Games.


The Quo Vadis Youth Hub, a brainchild of the Archbishop of Nyeri, Most Rev. Anthony Muheria, stands out as an epicenter and a true hub for this dream to be achieved in Nyeri and beyond. We are convinced that the youth are the future and the future is now! The hub provides a place where the thirst of the young people is quenched; the thirst for the greatness and success. A center that a youth can achieve values and skills. A place that the youth can get direction in various sectors of their lives.

Number of Youths Benefited

Young people


Here, we focus on increasing the capacity of young people to handle life challenges as well as in terms of giving them motivation to continue doing the best they can in the responsibilities that they have been assigned.

We organize counseling sessions for secondary schools per need basis

We do activities For conserving our environment such as planting trees, flowers, cleaning up towns and clearing bushes

The Youth Hub provides a platform where young people get older individuals that direct them on how to become the best versions of themselves as well as have positive role models in their fields of interest.

For Boda Boda we have prayers at the bays, charitable activities, Mass with the associates in their sub counties and Trainings

We have incubation stalls where we pitch ideas and give young people opportunity to showcase their skills

This program aims to train the youth for presentation in interview and jobs, writing CVs and how to conduct themselves in the workplace.

We have an online library that consists of free eBooks that the young people can download


Technology and digital connectivity are our optimum accelerators for all the programs. Connecting to the people in the grassroots is the greatest way to ensure that the formation programs reach the All youth and as Often as possible. Currently, we reach to about  100,000 young people on a daily basis, through our daily inspirational and saint quotes. We are working on a digital studio where eminent persons and distinguished professionals in different fields will get an opportunity to talk to over 50,000 young people in the Nyeri Archdiocese and beyond.

Marshaling in the youth hub has been an interesting and informative activity. I have benefitted first hand from the leadership training, changing gradually to a pro-active leader, to a better leader. Secondly, serving as an emcee in the leadership training program has greatly improved my time management skills, confidence in myself, public speaking skills and my emceeing skills. Long live Quo Vadis
Peter Maina
Civil Engineering Student from DEKUT Quo Vadis Youth Hub volunteer
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