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Youth and Mental Health

Module1: Understanding mental health and mental illness

Part 1: Introduction and background

In the last few years, Kenyan society has witnessed unprecedented numbers of people and families adversely affected by poor mental health. Newspaper headlines and other media reports are replete with images of families engulfed in grief either because a family member has died by suicide or some other act of domestic violence has occurred against the presumed background of a mental disorder. This is the ticking time bomb that Kenyans are sitting on.

Definition of key terms

  • Youth
  • Mental health continuum
  • Mental well-being and mental illness
  • Happiness

Part 2: Adolescents and mental health-The damning statistics

Part 3: Policy and legislative framework


Module 2: Common mental health problems in young people.

Part 1: Depression

  • Defining depression
  • Signs and symptoms
  • Possible causes

Part 2: Anxiety Disorders

  • Anxiety disorder vs anxiety
  • General symptoms
  • GAD
  • PSTD
  • Phobias
  • OCD
  • Possible causes of anxiety disorders

Part 3:Self-harming Behavior-students will learn about some of the risk factors for self-harm

  • Possible underlying causes of self-harming behaviour
  • Handling potential victims of self-harm

Part 4: Eating disorders

  • Eating disorder types
  • Vulnerability factors-environmental, family and individual characteristics


Module 3: Less common mental health problems in young people

Part 1: Suicide-In this session, learners will gain an in depth insight into different types of suicide, signs to look out for, myths and facts that surround suicide and the methods of managing a potential suicide victim.

  • Environmental factors
  • Family factors
  • Individual factors


Part 2: Psychosis

  • Main symptoms-delusions, hallucinations, cognitive impairment
  • Possible causes

Part 3: Bipolar Disorder

Symptoms of mania in bipolar disorder

Module 4:

Part 1: Vulnerable groups of young people-

  • looked after teens
  • physically disabled
  • Young carers

Part 2: Risk and protective factors-in this session, students will be introduced to the concepts of resilience and factors that protect adolescents from mental illness

Module5: The role of social media-The digital lives of young people

  • How social media impacts youth mental health
  • Cyber bullying and youth mental health
  • Online risk and harm
  • Body image

Module 6: Ways of improving mental health- components of Self care

Part 1: Stress management techniques-in this session, participants will learn a variety of stress management techniques

  • Strategies to strengthen resilience
  • Recognizing unhelpful thinking patterns
  • Self-care
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  • Understanding mental health and mental illness




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