The Art Of Thinking In Systems_ Improve Your Logic, Think More Critically, And Use Proven Systems To Solve Your Problems – Strategic Planning For Everyday Life

Would you like to have better solutions to your problems? Struggling to understand why things went wrong when you did everything right? The Art Of Thinking In Systems can help you with these problems. Do you think systems thinking is for politicians and powerful CEO’s? Let me tell you this: a small business is a system, your class at school is a system, your family is a system. You are the element of larger systems – your town, your country, the world. These systems have different dynamics. The more you know about their nature, the more optimal solutions you’ll find to problems related to them. The Art Of Thinking In Systems presents the fundamental system models and methods with an application to real life. Know how to use systems thinking at work, in your business, in your relationship, friendships. Some things in life can’t be fixed with a simple “you did this so I did that” thinking. By applying conventional thinking to complex problems, we often perpetuate the very problems we try so hard to solve. The book also helps you to see through the hidden pathways of contemporary politics, economics, and education changes. Systems thinking helps you see beyond simple connections, and find strategic solutions considering every actor influencing your problem. Systems thinking opens new and exciting ways to re-invigorate your worldview. It enriches your critical thinking skill, analyzing ability, clears your vision, makes you more logical and rational. Think different and get better results.