Transformation of the Young People is one of the areas that we are focusing on. Starting from our Secondary schools to Colleges and Universities. This necessitated the need to start off with transforming them from Prefects body. This Program will equip prefects with skills such as Honesty, Integrity, Obedience, communication among others 


Knowing this too well, the QUO VADIS Youth Hub has incorporated a section where indoor games are played as a form of recreation as well as increasing the brain capacity. As of now, CHESS is one of the games we have started off with. There are other games that need physical strength; table-tennis, badminton and darts, and others that require more of mental strength; monopoly and scrabble. We are looking forward to devolving the games to Parishes, Secondary Schools and also Universities. We welcome any interested person every Friday to come and enjoy the games every Friday from 2pm.


As a way of empowering the Boda Boda Sector, Quo Vadis Youth Hub have partnered with Co-Operative bank to offer skills to boda boda Riders in Nyeri County. Among the skills are Financial Literacy, First Aid, Human Standards and Social aspects. 


Finding a Counselor is always a challenge for the Young People. Having that in mind, we set up an impressive Counselig room where all the needs are addressed. We have a pull of counselors who come frequently to address the needs of young people going through stress, depression, among other issues.