How To Apply for a Kenyan Passport

As a young person, it is important to keep expanding your dreams far beyond what you may currently think of-refresh your dream, set new limits, and go for it. Yearn for greatness in whatever you want to achieve. Make sure your dreams are not limited to a local or at the national level; see yourself as an international and global star in your field of interest.

In my last article, I promised to do a follow-up article on how to acquire a Kenyan passport. I said that you never know what tomorrow may bring for you; you can get a fully funded scholarship to study abroad, get a chance to go on a pilgrimage in another country, the Church may choose you to represent the Archdiocese of Nyeri (ADN) in one of the World Youth Day celebrations in one of the countries of the world. Life has a lot of good opportunities that unfold mysteriously.

With this in mind, it is right for you to know what you need to have and do to be issued with a Kenyan passport by the government of Kenya. If you are under 18 years old, you must apply for a Kenyan passport with your parent’s or guardian’s permission and their consent letter. 

Therefore, for a 18 years old and above you need to have the following things:

  1.  your original and a copy of your birth certificate,
  2.  your National Identity Card (ID) and a copy
  3. 3 of your current passport size photos,
  4. your parents National Identity Cards and copy of each
  5. 2 recommender’s ID card copies, that is, two of next of kin ID copies,

open an e-citizen account via through a smart phone or in a cyber café which you shall be charged for the service you will receive. Make sure you have a mobile phone number and an email address.

In that website, go to department of immigration services and click on the passport application form, read and fill in that form, select mode of payment and pay for the passport fee, download and print the filled in form and 3 application receipts

Then, book for appointment date with the department of immigration, at one of the Huduma Centers. On your e-citizen account, you will receive a message telling you when is your appointment date and location

On the appointment day, go and submit in person [physically] your filled-in passport application form to the department of immigration at Huduma Center.

N/B: Remember to carry with you all the above documents, originals and copies.

Furthermore, it is advisable to be keen and meticulous on each and every step of the passport application process. This will prevent you from being conned by some people who are unethical when getting their cyber services or any other person who may ask you for money in order to get a Kenyan passport. Be careful with whoever you trust with your documents and money. 

In all, always be a visionary and confidently imagine yourself in and doing great things in other countries, whether in Afrika , Europe, Americas, Asia, etc. don’t settle for less; go for greater heights in which sector of life you are passionate about.

A passport is an essential document for your abroad endeavors. If you can, apply for one as soon as you can and if you cannot afford at the moment, no worries; plan to have one in the near or far future. See yourself as an Afrikan and a global citizen. 

St. Pope John Paul II, Our Patron Saint, Pray for us so that We may be made Worthy of the Promises of Our Lord of Jesus Christ, in Time and in Eternity. Amen!

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