Importance of voting as a youth

Many of the youth in contemporary society neglect the importance of voting. However they fail to understand that their vote is important on both sides of the aisle. Besides, the key issues in each election revolve around matters concerning students and their professionalism between 18 to 30 years. Many youths fall between that age group, making it essential for them to educate themselves on matters concerning political issues; hence they need to take to the polls. Many youths do not understand the importance of voting, more so people falling within a crucial age demographic. Therefore, below are some of the reasons why the youth should take up this noble responsibility;

i.                    Young voters are the majority, thus making them a powerful political force

Youths need to understand that they are the majority and their votes have the potential to be extremely influential to the leaders elected. Some statistics have indicated a decline of 2% of youths who registered as voters in the 2017 elections compared to that conducted in 2013. However, in the current voting population it includes an equal number of millennials and baby boomers, this number indicates a decline in the number of millennials and gen Z which accounts for most youths. Therefore, youths need to be actively involved in voting because voting gives them a direct influence to address matters that affect their lives including education and federal jobs programs.

ii.                  Every vote counts

Many youths fail to participate in the general elections with the allegations that their votes do not matter and it will not change the system. Interacting with many youths, you will realize many of them are disillusioned by the presidential candidates and as a result, they fail to turn up to vote on Election Day. However, they fail to understand that every vote counts more so those coming from the country’s largest voting group. For instance, in the 2008 American election, President Barak Obama was a perfect example of theory in motion since his key elements on the campaign were mostly centered on the youth. This is to indicate that the youths have a large margin and a bigger influence in the strategic states proving that their votes count and thus they should be active participants in voting.

iii.                Young voters need to connect with politics as early as possible

The constitution gives everyone above 18 years of age the right to participate in political activities. However, research has indicated that the youths having a great potential of affecting the political change in the nation are not actively participating in the voting activities. Besides, there have even been petitions to lower the voting age to acquaintance the youths with the importance of being politically active as they bear the major influence. Building a relationship with the political process at an early age will make voting their habitual lifestyle since they will understand the importance of voting leaders that will address the demands of citizens of every age group.

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