Mere Christianity

“Mere Christianity” is a thought-provoking exploration of the fundamental tenets of Christianity, presented in a logical and accessible manner. C.S. Lewis begins by making a case for the existence of a “Moral Law” or objective moral truth, which he argues points to the existence of a transcendent God.


The book is divided into four main parts, each delving into different aspects of Christian faith:

  1. Right and Wrong as a Clue to the Meaning of the Universe: In this section, Lewis argues that human beings have a universal sense of right and wrong, which points to a higher moral authority. He suggests that this moral law reflects the existence of a Creator.
  2. What Christians Believe: This part focuses on the core beliefs of Christianity, including the nature of God as a trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) and the concept of the Incarnation, where God becomes man in the person of Jesus Christ.
  3. Christian Behavior: Lewis examines the practical implications of Christian beliefs, discussing virtues such as humility, forgiveness, and love. He emphasizes the importance of personal transformation and living a life in alignment with Christian principles.
  4. Beyond Personality: In the final section, Lewis explores the concept of the Christian life as a journey towards union with God. He discusses the Christian view of the afterlife and the idea of becoming “children of God.”

Throughout “Mere Christianity,” Lewis employs logic, reason, and analogies to articulate complex theological concepts in a way that is accessible to both believers and skeptics alike. He avoids denominational specifics and focuses on the central beliefs shared by Christians from different traditions.

The book has resonated with readers for its clarity, intellectual rigor, and deep insights into the Christian faith. “Mere Christianity” remains a timeless classic, influencing countless individuals in their spiritual journeys and providing a rational defense of Christianity’s core teachings. It continues to be celebrated as one of the most compelling works on Christian apologetics and theology in the modern era.



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