Tackling Mental Health Issues Among The Young People

In the midst of all the challenges that we encounter as young people, it is always good to keep in mind the encouraging words of our Lord and Master that are still alive and relevant and up to date as they were then. He is telling us that we should not be afraid and goes on assuring us that He will be with us until the end of time. Jesus Christ indeed is a true Immanuel in our lives.

We all want things to work out well in accordance with our own will and plans. However, it sometimes turns out that things aren’t going our way. It is from this experience we start to worry about those plans and what will happen to us later on. A sense of imminent failure captures our minds. When the worrying continues our minds’ orderly thinking process gets interrupted and thus becomes disorderly and dysfunctional. Furthermore, on the other hand, our hearts get troubled so much that it becomes unsettled and peaceless.

If those challenges persist and no solutions are forthcoming, then one enters into a state of distress that takes root, either consciously or unconsciously. Later on, if it goes unchecked, it develops to a higher degree called depression. Here, most often than not one becomes bored with life, inactive, and hence unproductive. Then, at its worst case, it becomes mental health illness [madness] that fully manifests itself differently in different individuals.

So, as a young person, it is very important to know that there few things that you should know and do in order to have a healthy mental life and consequently prevent yourself from experiencing mental health issues:

(i.) Self-acceptance

it is always advisable to have self-love and self-care but for this to happen, you must first of all accept yourself the way you physically look. There are young people who are distressed just because they don’t accept their body size, shape, and skin complexion.

It is only when you learn to accept yourself you will be able to love yourself and therefore care for your body. This will definitely boost your self esteem and confidence in private and public life.

(ii.)Live within your means

mostly, some young people who suffer distress and depression are the ones who strain to live a life they cannot afford financially. It is wise to plan, visit, buy or pay for things that fit your budget.

If you spend more than you have earned and saved you are headed for a very stressful life, a life of borrowing and debts. Hang around with friends who are of your level in terms of finances and never try to please friends by living a luxurious lifestyle that you cannot maintain.

(iii.)Stop or avoid using drugs

alcohol and drug abuse is a sure way of getting into mental health problems. At the beginning of using these products it seems to give the user a kind of happiness and satisfaction in life. Little does one know that he or she is in a trap that will put him or her in a sad and sorrowful state and a dark ending. I would therefore request any if you are using or thinking of using these harmful staff, please don’t.

You will only have fake happiness that is short lived and then find yourself in a condition of addiction, bitterness and financially broken. Be sober and find true happiness and joy in loving and serving Jesus Christ through your brothers and sisters in your own small ways.

(iv.)Don’t worry about things you can’t control

in this life you will always encounter some things that you either have little, limited or no control over. Wisdom and humility, two great virtues to acquire, requires you to ask God to give you the grace to understand what you can control and what you can’t control at all.

It is in the process of trying to handle and control things that you have no power over them that you become distressed. Never forget that you are a limited human person and you are not the all-powerful God who has power over everything. Allow God to take control over your situations and maintain your lane of doing what is natural and let God do the supernatural.

(v.)Be a person of faith

fear is the opposite of faith. When you are fearful you automatically become sad. Blessed are those who are people of faith and whose trust is anchored in Jesus Christ as the Lord of their lives and light to dark aspects of their lives. When afraid of the future, the fear of the unknown, it is right and good to use the words of the apostles who told Jesus, Lord increase my [our] faith!

As a catholic youth, remember you have so many ways of praying. In private prayers, I recommend you to make it a habit of visiting and praying in front of the Eucharist. Jesus will illuminate your mind and gladden your heart. This, for sure, will give you the grace and ability to handle any situations you may find yourself in. Ask Jesus to accompany you and He will do so.

Finally, it is my prayer and hope that you will continue being an active youth member so that you may continue with your spiritual and moral formation. Coupled with listening and obeying the Church, which is our mother and teacher, in all aspects of life, I can assure you that your life will be well-ordered, productive, and peaceful.

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Article By:

Ben Njuîrî

31th of July, AD 2023.

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