What is this program

Transformational leadership that is hinged on Service Program is one of the activities under the Formation and Mentorship areas of focus of the Quo Vadis youth Hub. The trainers of the program are seasoned facilitators, a good number of whom are teachers by profession. Apart from the in-house trainers, the program also enjoys the facilitations of keynote speakers recommended by Archbishop Anthony Muheria based on being exemplary in character and Christian values. The keynote speakers prepare for a one- hour session where they talk about leadership by service and example. In this session, they share with the young leaders their journey on leadership and how they have been able to in-corporate service in their leadership roles. The in-house trainers, on the other hand, are guided by a structured module whereby they follow a series of areas to present;


what areas areas do you Focus on?

i. Module I: Focus on Service in Leadership
ii. Module II: Focus on Skilled Leadership

What does the Package Include


Training Sessions


Team Building Activities from a Trainer


Keynote Address from a Leader


Issuance of Self Evaluation and Certificates


Provide Sumptuous Meal

Transformative Leadership Training Gallery