These are the young people in secondary schools that are within the Archdiocese of Nyeri. The CA has a strong body of patrons that assists the students in carrying out their registration, planning for events and gathering funds for the students under the sponsorship of the youth office. The CA can benefit in a big way from the QUO VADIS Youth Hub by having a place where they interact with other people, learn new things and get inspired, among other signifiCANT ACTIVITIES .

NICCA Activities and Events

        Leadership training 

 The office provides a facilitator who presents topics on leadership skills to the catholic action officials at various levels, challenges and how to cope and approach the challenges. The day ends with mass.


There are several topics proposed to be facilitated to the members on the issues affecting the youths

There are confessions and mass to end the day.


 There are some topics for discussions and presentations which the facilitator deeply talks about them and the possible solutions to their challenges.


This is done in the third term whereby 5 officials from each institution participates in the event to represent their institution. –The members present discusses and evaluates whether goals and objectives have been met in that particular year.

The members present also participate in the election of the new executive and the institution representatives who replaces the outgoing Leaders.

The day ends with a mass.

Mass with the Archbishop (Joint mass) 

 It is conducted during the third term of the year which is celebrated by the His Grace the Archbishop.

The outgoing officials are also awarded the service appreciation certificates by His Grace the Archbishop.

The event brings together all the NICCA family from the students, patrons, matrons, youth coordinator and the chaplains in the member institutions.

Team building 

It is a fun day for all the members.

It is made for the members to socialize and compete in games such as athletics, tag war, tomato race, filling bottles with water, dancing, eating, etc.

The day ends with a mass celebrated by the chaplain.

Membership and Registration

  1. NICCA membership is for the all catholic students in the various colleges, universities and all the tertiary institutions for the duration of time one is in the college or university.
  2. Since NICCA is a spiritual organization and not profit oriented group, membership is free of charge.
  3. Registration is done once a year with only sh.100 per member which helps to sustain and ensure smooth running of the NICCA activities which the registered member is provided with a membership card and in the completion of once course, a certificate of participation is provided to every member.
  4. The amount is also used to purchase any required items during the meetings.

Benefits of being a NICCA Member

  • Helps the members grow spiritually.
  • Enhances socialization and development of communication skills.
  • Promotes development of leadership skills from the leadership training.
  • Helps an individual develop fundamental skills and knowledge. E.g. candle making, rosary making and many more.
  • Helps one develop mental, spiritual and psychological stability from the guidance and counselling sessions.



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